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Marinanne Nordhorn
IECA no background professional

Marinanne Nordhorn, B.A., M.A.

During her years as a guidance counselor at Winter Park High School, Marinanne Nordhorn served as Scholarship Coordinator, College and Career Center Liaison, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Coordinator and Financial Aid Chairman.  In 2006, she held the position of Director of Advanced Studies, which included the IB Program, the AP Program, and the AVID Program. 

She was named the Orange County Counselor Association High School Counselor of the Year in 2012, and a University of Florida Outstanding Educator by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.  She continues to thoroughly enjoy her association with high school students and puts her passion for the college admissions process and her extensive experience to good use helping young people explore and maximize their opportunities

Rose-Marie Hippler, B.S., M.S.W.

Rose-Marie Hippler co-chaired the Winter Park High School College and Career Center directing over 50 volunteers in the work of college and career advising.  Under her leadership, the Center developed a scholarship database, a social media presence providing parents and students timely information about the ever-changing landscape of college admissions, and developed practical tools for planning and working through the application process.  The Winter Park High School College and Career Center was awarded the 2013 Advocate of the Year Award by the Orange County High School Counseling Association.

As Vice President of Federal Relations at the Florida Hospital Association Rose-Marie advocated for key health care issues, managed legislative action campaigns, and directed political action committee activities.  As a legislative advocate at the Florida Center for Children and Youth and the Florida Council for Community Mental Health, she advocated fiercely for children’s issues.  Rose-Marie's clinical work includes Child and Family Counselor, Florida United Methodist Children’s Home.  As a public relations professional she developed marketing and communications campaigns, and positions papers on children’s and health care issues.

Rose-Marie Hippler
IECA no background professional
FPRA no background


Since beginning her classroom career in 1999, Sondra has enjoyed many roles beyond ELA instruction, including coordinating SAT/ACT testing sites for The College Board, spearheading the annual community-wide WPHS Shakespeare Festival, and mentoring young teachers. She currently serves as a DP Examiner for the IB Programme, evaluating student exam essays from all corners of the globe. Sondra was named Highest Impact Teacher by the Florida Department of Education in 2016.

During 15 years of teaching advanced English Language Arts courses in the AP and IB programs, Sondra's favorite part of the job was helping the many students who showed up to her classroom--pre-dawn, no less!--in need of college admission and essay-writing support. Over time, the transition from teaching to college admissions counseling (essentially trading the worst parts of the job for the best parts) became an opportunity too tempting to ignore.

In 2018, Sondra left the classroom to lead the Aspire to Excellence Initiative for OCPS. Four years spent helping high schools to improve top-tier college access equity deepened her appreciation for how significantly the labyrinthine college application process affects students and families. Sondra excels at helping young people to overcome self-doubt and recognize their core strengths and values, and then helping to bring those assets to the forefront of their application profiles. Nothing else brings Sondra more professional satisfaction than the ear-to-ear grin that always accompanies "I got in!

Joann Polley, B.A., M.A.

Joann Polley who holds a Masters in Philology, University of Wisconsin, Madison and Master of Liberal Studies, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.  She instructed academic writing at Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin and serves as a Rater/Scoring Leader at Educational Testing Service, and Rater/Scoring Leader for the SAT in reading.

There’s no better time to introduce college-level writing than in the college application essay.  In this session, students learn the characteristics of academic writing, the structure of academic writing, and identify rhetorical strategies in academic writing.  Ms. Polley works with each student to elevate their writing, evoke clarity, and extract the student’s clear voice.

Joann Polley

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